Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes, I Drank the Kool-Aid

I am not sure where the term "drink the Kool-Aid" came from. My guess is that it refers to the Jonestown Massacre, the mass suicide of a notorious religious cult, wherein cyanide was purportedly mixed with Kool-Aid before being administered to the victims. Of late, the term has come to mean that one has swallowed the propaganda, usually the propaganda of the Left, in expressing one's opinion of current events. It is most commonly an insult hurled by conservatives as a means of preempting a rational discourse they have no hope of winning. Conservatives are like that.

The Kool-Aid accusation was most recently employed by an old classmate of mine, a Facebook friend (I have to use the term loosely here), when I commented on Rep. Issa's witch hunt against A.G. Holder over a little gun-running operation started by his Republican predecessor. I did not respond directly to the accusation that I had imbibed; rather, I responded that Issa's "investigation" would get no more traction than a '59 Chevy with bald tires, stuck in the mud. In short, the news cycle for "Fast and Furious" will quickly and furiously go away. I've learned not to argue with conservatives; you can't change their minds, but you can exhaust yourself trying.

It did, however, start me on a train of thought: what would be the recipe for Liberal Kool-Aid? One would have to start with pure, clear water, but what other ingredients might it contain? Is there a powder for clarity of purpose? A color for critical thinking? A flavor for logic and scientific method? You can get seriously bogged down in mixed metaphor territory when you start thinking along those lines, which would end up contradicting the very thing you were trying to convey. But then it hit me - I had some this morning, just as I do every day. Liberal Kool-Aid? Here it is:

Cream and sugar are optional, unless you're a heart patient, in which case you drink it naked. Bottoms up!

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