Friday, September 7, 2012

Topping Not Obama

Picked up this Politico story via a tweet. The key takeaway:

President Obama tops Mitt Romney

Democratic enthusiasm — real fire-in-the-belly enthusiasm — is a killer for Romney for one big reason: There is no sizable pro-Romney movement in this country. There has been a sizable anti-Obama movement. There are relatively few Republicans deeply in love with Romney. (I except his family, friends and paid staff.) There never has been. Romney won his nomination by being the most electable general election candidate in a weak and whacky primary field. He won, in other words, not by devotion, but by default.
This is pretty much what I've been seeing everywhere. I cringe a little bit whenever I sign on to Facebook, because as likely as not, I will see a post from some group or individual proclaiming contempt for Obama without any mention of Mitt Romney. It's like he doesn't have a name at all; you might as well put "Generic Republican" on the ballot. Or more descriptively, something like this:

President of the United States (vote for one)

  1. Barack Obama
  2. Not Barack Obama
 Bumper sticker polling tells the same story. The area I live in leans Republican, but I have yet to see a car magnet or bumper sticker with Mitt Romney's name on it. I do, however, see quite a few Obama stickers (and a few Ron Paul stickers). It's a bit early in the cycle for the yard signs to come out, but I suspect I'll find a similar distribution.

Mitt Romney - where are you? Who are you? Not hard to top that.

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