Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Enough About Drones, Already

The nice thing about having a blog that nobody - and I do mean nobody - reads is that I can say anything I want here without arousing a cacophony of scolds from people I normally side with.

Case in point, Joan Walsh's diatribe on the Obama Administration's use of drones in targeted assassinations, and her disdain of liberals who aren't shocked by it. OK, it isn't just Walsh. Shannyn Moore is pissed off about them on Facebook. There was a lot of traffic from pissed-off liberals about the leaked DOJ memo on Twitter yesterday; I won't try to hunt all of those down; if you read this blog (though nobody does), you follow the same people I do. Well, sorry, pissed-off liberals. I'm liberal, but I'm just not as pissed off as you think I should be. Scold me.